Welcome to the VE-SO Portal

Welcome to the home of the Virtual E -Safety Officer (VE-SO) Portal.

The portal allows students, teachers and parents to access the latest information about E-safety, ask questions to industry professionals and report instances of abuse to a member of the SRM team, all within a secure password-protected environment.

The VE-SO portal is designed and tailored to meet the OFSTED requirements in respect of E-Safety. It provides a professional online E-Safety service to schools and other education establishments. Use of the portal removes the need for schools to appoint an in-house E-Safety Officer as all the functions of this role are provided by the portal.

The VE-SO portal is designed and managed by a team of experienced Teaching, IT, Law Enforcement and Information Security professionals who have a wide range of experience working with Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government departments and Businesses.

The information contained within the portal is supported by the facility to engage with a member of the E-Safety team, who will answer directly to a user's secure online account. The VE-SO Portal runs on a secure server, meaning that all data is protected.

VE-SO Portal

To log into the VE-SO portal, simply use one of the green login buttons either below or at the top of this page.

You'll need to enter your username and password to access your secure area. Please remember to keep your password safe, and not share it with anyone else